Desired at the Championships

         Three years back around this time, Roddick was fighting it out with Federer in the Wimbledon championship match. Now, ranked 33rd, he seems to be a pale shadow of the past, a past that has gone too fast.  Not many are betting on him and rightly so.But, Roddick has it in him to deliver, arguably, the most romantic moment of tennis history after Goran Ivanisevic’s extraordinary victory in 2001. Like Goran, he is notorious for his temperament and on-field antics but at the same time famous for being a sport. Like Goran, at 29 he has been the runner-up thrice. Like Goran, this is probably the last time he would give it his all. Perhaps born in the wrong era (that of King Federer) Roddick, if he performs to the fullest and gathers some good luck along, can create another underdog story- a story that will add some much-needed excitement to the monotonous run-of-the-mill men’s arena.

         At the opposite extreme is women’s tennis which sees a new No. 1 every couple of months. Without any intent of being disrespectful, the young bunch of Wozniacki, Kvitova, Ivanovic, Azarenka doesn’t exude much confidence and the legendary Williams sisters, despite their age,form and ranking are still contenders for the trophy. Another contender is top seed Sharapova, who has regained lost form and maintained the old grace, making her the superstar that women’s tennis needs badly. A Wimbledon title for Sharapova would mean she remains at the top for some time giving the women’s arena some stability.
Andy Roddick and Maria sharapova for me!!

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